Traditional decorating style can be made up of calming color palettes, matched furniture and accessories and create a sense of organization. If you like your home to look refined, a traditional style should be considered because it allows you to use subtle, clean colors and neatly placed furniture for an all-around appeal. There are many design elements that indicate a traditional decorating style, all of which may be incorporated into any room of the house.

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Contemporary style has clean lines, polished surfaces, large accessories, and minimal objects and furniture. Contemporary style is comfortable and sparse. It is spacious and inviting.  It often takes its clues from nature and is not stark or cold. Instead, it is warm and exciting, always changing and staying in the moment.

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Tuscany is a great place to travel and is also a beautiful style for your home. Many homeowners like the Tuscan decorating style because it combines uniqueness, subtle elegance and simplicity. Tuscan decor is an Italian country design that brings the outdoors inside using a palette of earthly tones and elegant pieces.

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French country design styles incorporate the look and feel associated with the French countryside. This type of decor tends to have airy spaces, texture, age, layers and weathered paint. Rooms decorated in French country styles are typically informal, charming, stylish, and filled with character. They achieve scale and balance and cast a bright welcoming feel.

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If you're drawn to objects that show the passage of time and wear, your taste might be the shabby chic style. This approach is unique because it is relaxing and elegant at the same time. The elements in the design are well-loved and lacking crisp newness. Instead, they are mismatched, eclectic and filled with character.

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Tommy Bahama style allows you to surround yourself with a tropical oasis in your own living room. Tropical themes bring warmth and serenity to a space. Decorating in this theme does not consist of one certain element because it is a mixture of colors, lighting and furnishings. The use of decor that suits your personal style can create an environment that looks like a vacation villa.

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It truly is amazing how the interior of your home can look completely different when a design style is applied or changed.  I continually hear from my clients "I had no idea that my house could look so wonderful".  A room or whole house transformation can make you feel renewed and excited. 

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Details through tile and wood design add beauty to your home, texture and style.  Accessorizing is the art of placing and arranging objects to enrich the style of a room, adding personality and most important, create visual interest.  My clients always express their delight and amazement when seeing the intricate details and assessories and can't believe how well they pull the room together.

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Kid's Room Designs
Design ideas for kids rooms inspire ways to keep spaces cheerful, distinctive, and well organized.  Combining function with flair is essential as well as including kid specific interests.

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Exterior Paint Selection
Selecting exterior paint is a big decision that includes many factors to consider.  Allow me to boost your home's curb appeal by selecting a color sheme that best fits your tastes and the neighborhood.  It is amazing how many people see thier homes every day, but don't really look closely at the exterior paint to notice fading, flaking or chipping.  Have you looked closely at your house recently?  Maybe it's time for a fresh coat of paint.

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